Beijing Nightlife, Top 10 Things to Do at Beijing Night

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Published: 23rd June 2010
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Beijing Nightlife, Top 10 Things to Do at Beijing Night

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* Do not know where to spend your night time in Beijing?

* What are the most popular night activities in Beijing?

You are at the right place, here, we list Beijing top 10 nightlife activities and introduce them in brief for your reference, including, popular Beijing bars & clubs, Beijing Opera Shows, Beijing Acrobatics, Beijing Kung Fu Show, Beijing Teahouse Theater, Beijing Cultural Experience, etc. Beijing nightlife has more to offer! You can turn to a Beijing local travel agency to help arrange your Beijing night sightseeing tour.

Briefly, the top 10 things to do at Beijing night:

* Beijing Bars & Cafes

* Beijing Opera Show

* Beijing Acrobatics

* Beijing Kung Fu Show

* Beijing Teahouse Theater

* Beijing Modern Drama

* Beijing Spa & Massage

* Beijing Theaters/Cinemas

* Cultural City of Beijing Night

* Beijing Night Market

Scroll down and read detailed info about the top 10 night activities of Beijing.

1. Beijing Bars & Cafes

Beijing Cafe & BarsBeijing Bars & Cafes Cafes provide the alternative to traditional Chinese restaurants and teahouses. Apart from Starbucks, most cafes have tea and simple meals. Naturally, the city bars are central to Beijing's quality nightlife.

Large bars have performances most nights and the main bar areas in Sanlitun (nr. the Workers' Stadium), Houhai, Shichahai, Workers' Stadium, Chaoyang Park, Asia Games Village (Yanyuncun) and the university area in the Haidian District are really worth checking out. New popular places include Yuandadu Bar Street, Xingbalu Bar Street.

2. Beijing Opera Show

Beijing Opera ShowEnjoying the Peking Opera shows is one of the top 10 things to do for any Beijing tour. It gives a profound influence in China and plays a large role in Chinese culture.

Beijing Opera is a synthesis of stylized action, singing, dialogue and mime, acrobatic fighting and dancing to represent a story or depict different characters and their feelings of gladness, anger, sorrow, happiness, surprise, fear and sadness. The costumes in Beijing Opera are graceful, magnificent, elegant and brilliant, and mostly are made in handicraft embroidery. As the traditional Chinese pattern is adopted, the costumes are of a high aesthetic value.

3. Beijing Acrobatics

Beijing AcrobaticsBeijing acrobatics is one entertainment that must not be missed by the young and old on a visit to Beijing. China has many world class acrobatic troupes because practically every province and major city will have its own acrobatic troupe, and children are selected to be trained as performers from a young age.

Success of acrobatics depends also on good stage arts like stage images, music, choreography and costumes backed up by props and lighting. The frequent local competitions in China for acrobatic excellence have made China a nation unique in an oriental form of acrobatics that is second to none in the world. Tickets can be obtained in Beijing at the Chaoyang Juchang and the Tiandi Juchang.

4. Beijing Kung Fu Show

Beijing Kung Fu ShowChinese Kung Fu (martial arts) is so prestigious on the global scene that Zheng zhou, Henan Province, has become the mecca for Wushu lovers who congregate there for an annual international Wushu festival. Every morning, street corners and public parks are thronged with people practicing Chinese martial arts.

The modern dancers have mixed elements of Kung Fu into their performance and the Kung Fu performers have adopted some of the modern dance actions. The management and production team have been looking for the best performers all over China. You can find their hard work on the stage. The average age of the performers is only 17 years, but their performance tells that they are excellent!

5. Beijing Teahouse Theater

Beijing Tea HouseTea is a kind of tree or bush, its leaves, and the beverage made from the leaves. Tea was first used medicinally when it was found in ancient China. Tea is a very important thing in Chinese lives. It even evolves a specific culture--- "Tea Culture".

This is one exciting cultural place at Qianmen off the main tourist itinerary. It is named after the drama Teahouse by Chinese author, Lao She. Lao She (1899-1966), real name Shu Qingchun, was of Manchurian descent and the famous author of the book called "Camel Xiangzi" also known in the US as "Rickshaw". It was a bestseller in the US where Lao She was a visiting professor. He also taught Chinese at the Oriental School of London University in his earlier days.

6. Beijing Modern Drama

Beijing Modern DramaAfter enjoying the Beijing Opera performance, there is still a unique course of culture dinner of old Beijing waiting for you. That is the folk arts of Beijing style derived from life and loved by common people.

1. Lao She Tea House

Add: Bldg.3, Qianmen West Street, Beijing; Time: 15:00 - 16:30, 19:40 - 21:20

Take buses NO.22, 44, 8, 66, 808 or subway and get off at Qianmen Stop

2. Beijing People's Art Theater

Add: 22 Wangfujing Street, Beijing; Time: starting from 8:00am

Take buses NO.101, 103, 108, 112, 803 and get off at Art Gallery stop

3. Small experimental theater of the Central Drama Institute

Add: 39 Xianghui Dongmian Hutong, Dongcheng District;

Take NO.104, 108 buses and get off at Beibingmasi stop

7. Beijing Spa & Massage

Beijing Foot MassageThere are many options available for massage in Beijing. The foot bath massage is Beijing's specialty. For this, the feet are soaked in a warm bath infused with special minerals and herbs. The masseuse then rubs the feet, using principles of reflexology. In this way, the masseuse is able to relax the entire body by only touching the feet.

Pampering oneself has caught on in Beijing. As a result many other forms of massage are also available including full body massage, traditional ear massage, and full spa treatments.

8. Beijing Theaters/Cinemas

Beijing TheaterBeijing has many traditional performances such as the Peking Opera, Acrobatic shows, Chinese Kungfu and Dramatic performances in the Beijing-styled houses or theaters are popular with the visitors to the Beijing, all that will ensure you have a wonderful and interesting nightlife!

The most popular theaters of Beijing include: Chao Yang Theater Beijing (Acrobatics Show), Huguang Guild Hall Beijing (Peking Opera Show), Red Theater Beijing (Kung Fu Show), Tiandi Theater Beijing (Acrobatics Show), and Liyuan Theater Beijing (Peking Opera Show).

9. Cultural City of Beijing Night

Beijing Cultural City Beijing Night Show is the only dinner theater in Beijing concentrated on Chinese traditional performing arts. Every evening, a luxurious artistic feast will be presented in this delicately decorated theatre that you can hardly resist. The brilliant Beijing Opera, the elegant Chinese dance, the magnificent acrobatics and marvelous Chinese Kong fu are well integrated with the beautiful costumes and settings, the pleasing music and spotlights and other modern stage arts which will be a real shock of beauty and an unforgettable experience to you in China.

Performance: Beijing Night Show

Address: No.1 Dayabao Hutong, Dongcheng District

Show Time: Daily 19:30 - 21:00

10. Beijing Night Shopping

Beijing Night MarketWould like to go shopping in the evening? The Wangfujing Street is one of your best choices, and the shops are generally closed at around 22:00. Besides, the Donghuamen Night Market, close to the Wangfujing Street, is a top place to hang out. The market sells various edible and exotic snack foods with over 60 specialty snack hawker stalls.

Probably you will not get used to the sights and smell of some of the snack foods which consist of skewed scorpions, baby quails, little sparrows, sea horses, Grasshoppers and little squids. However, you should gather the courage to have a try, because they are delicious and yummy.

Of course, there are also edible ones, such as the grilled lamb kebabs, herbal, jelly drinks, and friend noodles, which are rather cheap too.



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